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The Teams

The Past

Whites and Maroons 1901

The Denver Falcons

Played from 1950-1951 in the United States Hockey League at the DU Ice Rink

The IHL Denver Mavericks

34 Days of Denver Hockey in 1959.

The Denver Invaders

Played from 1963-1964 in the Western Hockey League.

The Denver Spurs

Spurs First Season

Spurs Second Season

Spurs Third Season

Spurs Fourth Season

Spurs Fifth Season

Spurs Sixth Season

Spurs Seventh Season

The WHA Denver Spurs

Played in 1975 in the World Hockey Association, the last Spurs Team.

The Colorado Flames

Flames First Season

Flames Last Season

The Rangers

Rangers First Season

Rangers Last Season

The Grizzlies

Grizzlies Only Season

The Gold Kings

The Gold Kings

The Colorado Rockies

1976/77 Rockies

1977/78 Rockies


The Old Western Hockey League Site

It's an excellent source of information on the Western Hockey League.

The Unofficial Old CHL Site

This site is about the old CHL, which hosted the Colorado Flames and the last minor-pro Spurs team.  It's a wonderful resource for all the old CHL teams.

The San Diego Gulls WHL Page

This site is all about the WHL San Diego Gulls.  It also has stuff about the IHL and WCHL Gulls.  Very good job on this one.

The Germs Hockey Team

This is a great site of a Colorado rec-league team that has the logo of the legendary punk band The Germs.  No Yuppie stuff here.  Check out the injuries section.

Colorado Hockey History

  Life has been delivering me some blows lately so I don't know when I'll have the time to finish with the Rockies.

Check my list of hockey-related DVDs.

I've finished all the minor-professional teams up to and including the Denver Grizzlies.  WHEW!!!  Next up, even though I said I wouldn't, is the Colorado Rockies.  I'll be done with this eventually.

   This page proudly supports both of Colorado's CHL teams.   The Colorado Eagles have been playing in Loveland, Colorado since October 2003.
    The Rocky Mountain Rage began playing in Broomfield, Colorado October 2006.  The first matchup between the two teams was October 20, 2006 with the Rage getting the 5-4 victory.

The old (my old site) made the Rocky Mountain News twice in a five-month span.  Here are scans of the two articles that featured this site.

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