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Gold Kings vs Condors

December 29, 2001

   The night before, it took the Gold Kings until the final minute of the final period to put the final arrow through the Condor's heart, the winner was scored by RJ Enga at 19:04 of the third.
   On Saturday the 29th, it only took until the announcement of the starting lineups.  After defenseman Aaron Boh was introduced he skated onto the ice, he pulled an arrow from an imaginary quiver on his back, placed it in his equally as illusionary "bow", pulled back the string and fired it into the zero that hung on the Condor's side of the scoreboard at center ice.  Rendered inoperable by Boh's arrow, the zero would stay up for the entire night.
   His accuracy, although never questioned, was proven early in the first period as Craig "Leo" Lyons pounced on a rebound for the Gold Kings and stuck it behind Bakersfield goalie Scott Hay.  The Gold Kings score on the board clicked to one, while the zero still stared, unblinking, at the Condor bench.
   The Gold Kings would wait until the second period to add another. Colin Chaulk and Zac Boyer broke in on a two-on-one breakaway.  Chaulk appeared to hold the puck for a split second longer than he should have, but Boyer still managed a shot.  The puck slid out to the one Gold King that you don't want in the slot with a clean shot, RJ Enga.  Enga easily fired the puck home to put the Kings up 2-0.
   Cam Kryway scored about seven minutes later to put the Kings up 3-0.
   Seeing that the normal way of changing the score on the "Boh and Arrow" damaged board was failing, Sasha Lakovic, Bakersfield tough guy, started trying to break through the Gold Kings physically to alter the scoreboard.  He lined up against Darcy Johnson, somebody he scrapped with on Friday, and began making a dancing appointment..  However, the referee kicked him off the ice before Johnson had a chance to give Lakovic his answer to the question.  Later, Lakovic, who wears his gloves rather loosely, asked Boh for a pugilistic date.  He was sent off the ice for 10 minutes thanks to his second "indecent proposal".
   During the third period, it was Dauber guarding Boh's handywork.
   The protector of the board during the third was Gold King goalie Kirk "Dauber" Daubenspeck.  Having faced only 17 shots through the first two periods, Dauber would face 17 more in the third alone.  As normal, it was his acrobatic and aggressive ways in addition to a little luck, that kept the egg unhatched on the scoreboard for the Condors.  On more than one occasion, Dauber slid clear out of the net and was saved by the defensemen.  Not even two 5-on-3 powerplays that lasted over a minute could help the Condors.  In regards to his tendency to slide about 20 feet out of the net, Dauber may need a quick physics lesson on the lack of adequate friction on an ice surface.
   Of course, the Condors would give brute force one more chance but fell woefully short in that department as well. Josh Maser caught a beating at the hands big Brent Henley and rugged Condor forward Paul Willett ended up turtling on Colin Chaulk.  
   In the end, the best efforts of the Condor's to change the quasi-rectangle of light bulbs representing their score to a single line would be futile.   The Gold Kings would end up winning 4-0 behind goals by Lyons, Kryway and Enga (2); Dauber's incredible goaltending, and a skillful, if not somewhat figurative, archery shot by Boh during the introductions.