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The Usual Suspects

   It was FBI hat day at the World Arena but it probably would have only taken a small-town cop to find the Gold Kings responsible for victimizing Steelhead goalie Kendal Sirdoruk.
   Despite eight power plays of varying lengths in the first period, the teams were tied at zero when they went in for the intermission.
   Almost midway through the second, and the score was still tied at zero..  While you couldn't blame the Steelheads, they had a total of eight shots through 10 minutes of the second, for not scoring, the Gold Kings could blame Sidoruk.  The Kings racked up 14 shots in the first and tallied 25 halfway of the through the second.
   At 9:43 of the second, Steelhead Hartnell took a cross checking penalty by nailing Jean-Sebastian Trudelle in the back behind the play.  Hartnell didn't even argue the call.  He half-heartedly stood over a prone Trudelle trying to get him to take a retribution penalty but Trudelle just skated back to the bench.

Jeff Sirrka Controls Puck Behind Gowan

   Before Hartnell had a chance to sit in the penalty box, Gold King sniper Zac Boyer put one past Sidoruk right off the faceoff.
   King lead scorer Craig Lyons scored less than three minutes later after the Steelheads made a turnover in the defensive zone.
   However, the Steelheads aren't in first place because they put their heads down when facing adversity.

Gold King Gets Stuck in the Crease

   Goalie Mark Gowan made a remarkable save late in a Steelhead powerplay but the rebound went right to Dan Shermerhorn who put it past the Gold King goalie to cut the King lead in half.
   Afterwards Terry Ryan then proved that not only is he an outstanding hockey player, but he's a man of his word as well.
   Ryan came from the bench after the Steelhead goal, tapped Gowan on the pads and said, We're going to get it back.  Ryan took his right wing position on the faceoff.  The Steelheads immediately cruised into the zone and had a glorious chance to tie the game but missed the net.  The Gold Kings then took the puck off the boards and headed back up ice.  Ryan broke into the Steelhead zone and passed the biscuit off to Boyer who tallied his second goal of the game just 21 seconds after Idaho scored.
   An early third period goal by the Steelheads made it close.  But then Boyer scored his third goal of the day off of some beautiful passing by Ryan and R.J. Enga.  It was the fourth hat trick of the season for Boyer but luckily not many fans had to part with their $15 dollar caps this time.

Boyer the Blur Makes Sidoruk Look Like He's Standing Still

   To the untrained hockey eye it certainly would appear that the fans all at once were making a statement against the FBI and their free Gold Kings hats by throwing them onto the ice.  But to the people who threw the hats, they were probably thankful to the FBI for providing stand-in hats to toss in the event of a hat trick.    The Steelheads would get one more but the Gold Kings would answer and win 5-3.
   It was a case of the sharpshooters of the Gold Kings doing the most damage.  Ryan (two assists), Lyons (one goal), Enga (one assist) and Boyer (three goals) are the usual suspects who provide the scoring punch in most Gold Kings games and this one was no exception.

Two of The Usual Suspects (Ryan and Boyer) Celebrate Boyer's Hat Trick