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Boulerice knocks down McGratton in 2005

   Here are the fight tapes I own.  They are either first generation or homemade.  All quality is good-excellent.

Avalanche 1999-2001
Avalanche 2001-2002
Avalanche 2002-2003
Avalanche 2003-2004
Avalanche 2005-2006 (List forthcoming)
Carolina Hurricanes 2002-2003
Carolina Hurricanes 2003-2004
The Carolina Hurricanes 2005/2006 (list forthcoming)
A mixed tape of fights
Here are others I don't have lists for yet.

Hartford Whalers 1992-1993
Hartford Whalers 1993-1994

   I also have two Denver Ranger games, about 10 various Gold Kings games, four or five Eagles games, the first Rage/Eagles matchup, about 15 Hartford Whaler games, the 16 Stanley Cup playoff wins from the Carolina Hurricanes, the two Canes victories from their 1999 playoff matchup against the Bruins, the two playoff wins (+ game 3) of the Canes 2001 playoff appearance against the Devils, many memorable Avalanche games and some odds and ends thrown in if you are interested.
Email me for a list of Avs, Whalers and other tapes.