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The Players

This was taken from a Mavericks game program from the middle of November 1959.  The games the program covered were against the Indianapolis Chiefs.
Gordon Cowan Harry OttenbrietJoe PooleJohn Murray MassierBill LeCaine
Bill ReichartJohn L. AndrewsCy WhitesideRobert J. CurrieDon McLean
Joe SellingerWilliam B. SteensonBill MacKenzie

Gordon Cowan

Gordon Cowan is 26 years old and the only player on the Mavericks who has had previous experience in the International Hockey League.  His contract was purchased from the Toledo Mercurys where he has been playing for the past two seasons.  The 5-foot10-and-a-half-inch, 175 pound center was top scorer for Toledo during his two years with them.  One of the reasons that prompted the purchase of his contract was Gordie's decision to live in Denver.  He was born in Constance, Saskatchewan, and gained his 15 years of hockey experience playing in Canada's Junior and Minor hockey leagues.  Coach Bob May in gaining Cowan for the team said he was extremely happy to have a man of Gordie's ability on the Maverick team.  May added that Cowan's record of 22 goals and 58 assists in 56 games last year more than speaks for itself.

Harry Ottenbriet

Harry Ottenbriet is a 22-year-old native of Regina, Saskatchewan, will play the win position for the Denver Mavericks.  The 6 foot one and one-half inch, 193 pound Canadian started playing hockey in Regina, with the Pat Minor Organization.  At 16 years of age he started Junior Hockey with the Pats under Murray Armstrong, University of Denver coach.  He was captain and leading scorer of the Regina Pats in the 1955-56 championship team, and was chosen as the right wing selection on Western Canad's Junior Hockey League All-Star Team.  He turned down an offer to play professionally with the Montreal Canadians in order to come to Denver and attend DU.  However, he was declared a professional by the NCAA and could not play Collegiate Hockey with the Denver Pioneers, so served as an understudy to Coach Murry Armstrong for three years.

Joe Poole

Joe Poole enjoys the distinction of beeing the only American-born player on the Maverick team.  He is 23 years old, married and has one child.  He was born in Drayton, North Dakota, and has been playing hockey for 15 years.  Poole has been approached by the U.S. Olympic team to play for them in the upcoming Olympic games.  Last season the 5-foot-8- inch, 160 pounder was fourth highest scorer for the NCAA champions and tallied 15 goals and 10 assists in 30 games.  Joe is no stranger to Bob May, having played for the Mavericks coach when they were both at the University of North Dakota.  Poole now makes his home in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

John Murray Massier

John Murray Massier is 22 years old and is well remembered in Denver for his outstanding play with the University of Denver Pioneers.  Muzz is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds and is married.  He graduated from the University of Denver after majoring in accounting and his home town is Regina, Saskatchewan.  Massier was center and captain of teh DU hockey team last year.  While playing for Denver he was named to the All-American teamduring his junior year of college hockey.  That was the same year that DU won the collegiate national championship in the NCAA tournament in Minneapolis.  Also during his junior year, Muzz was named the tournament's most valuable player.  Massier said his biggest thrill was playing hockey against the Russians.

Bill LeCaine

Twenty-one year old Bill LeCaine was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, but now calls Regina his home town.  Bill has been playing hockey for 15 years and his last team was the Regina Pats.  Most of LeCaine's experience has been gained through the Regina Pat organization, having started with them in 1949.  bill played hockey under Denver University's mentor, Murray Armstrong, during the 1956 Regina Pat season.  Last year LeCaine played in seven games and had 13 goals and was credited with 12 assists, so it is no wonder he is described as Winged Mercury on Ice.  Bob May is no stranger to leCaine either because Bill played freshman hockey at North Dakota while May was still coaching there.  May has a lot of respect for Bill's speed on the ice and is counting heavily on this speed to keep the Maverick opposition off balance.

Bill Reichart

Bill Reichart is 24 years old and the smallest Maverick on the team weighing 150 pounds and stretching 5 feet 7 inches tall.  Frank is a graduate Geologist, married and has two children.  In spite of his size, Reichart is the hardest shot on theam and enjoys heavy going on the ice.  He played college hockey for the University of North Dakota and he made the All-American team in 1956-57 when he scored 36 goals and 24 assists in 29 games.  He has been playing Senior hockey in his home town of Calgary, Alberta for the past two years.  Coach May said of Reichart that he is a real hustler on the ice and perhaps one of the most accurate shots on the team.

John L. Andrews

Another Canadian, John L. Andrews is 26 years old and calls home Fort Williams.  The 5 foot 10 inch 180-pound Wingman is perhaps the most experienced hockey player the Mavericks have.  In the 15 years he has been playing hockey he has played four years of colege hockey at Colorado College, on year in Scotland with Kirkcaldy, one year in England with Streatham and came up through the Canadian Junior "A" and Minor Hockey leagues.  At one time John was the leading scorer for the Western Intercollegiate League and has been described as a real driving wingman.  Andrews is married and has one boy and hopes his son will take to hockey just the way he has.  Bob May has plenty of confidence in Andrews' ability and high praise for his hockey playing.

Cy Whiteside

Cy Whiteside 27 year old defenseman for the Denver Mavericks is another Canadian with a lot of experience behind him playing hockey.  He has been described as a rugged defender and prolific point maker by the experts who have seen him play.  The 6 foot 190 pounder played college hockey at Colorado College from 1956 through 1959 and was captain of the college team last year.  Before entering Colorado College, he played for the Kamloops Elks in 1955 and 1956.  Prior to that he was with the Ayr Raiders in Scotland.  Whiteside is a good policeman on the ice and a natural leader no matter where he is playing.  His leadership qualities are already outstanding as he takes the ice for the Denver Mavericks.  Off the ice, Cy is a gentleman, but on the ice he seems to forget some of these qualities, as his opponents will testify, and is a rugged player with only on thought in mind...score.

Robert J. Currie

Robert J. Currie is 23 years old.  He is 5 feet 10 and one-half inches tall and is currently carrying a full load of scholastically in the School of Engineering at the University of Denver.  Currie calls Winnipeg home and is an outstanding Lacrosse player in Canada.  Bob is ineligible to play college hockey and has played some games with the Winnipeg Warriors in the Western League in Canada.  Currie is noted for his vicious body checking on the ice and promises to be a standout playrer for the Mavericks.

Don McLean

Don McLean strangely enough has a nicname of "Scotty" and not "Mac" and was born in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada.  The 25 year old 6-footer has piled up an impressive record in his 12 years of hockey playing.  In 1958 he played with the Sault St. Marie Greyhounds and scored 27 goals and was credited with 22 assists.  Don started playing hockey when he was 13 years old for the Sportsmen's Club in Sault St. Marie and played for the club for five years.  McLean played Junior "B" hockey in Sault St. Marie in 1952 and that year the team won the Northern Ontario Championship.  In 1956 while with the Sault St. Marie Greyhounds, Don's scoring record was 23 goals plus 27 assists for his best year in the scoring department.  Don was offered a contract by the Chicago Blackhawks but preferred Denver's climate and the chance to get on the golf course, his favorite hobby.  Denver Maverick fans can expect quite a bit of scoring from McLean so watch him on the ice.

Joe Sellinger

Joe Sellinger is 24 years old, married and has two children, a daughter two years old and a son one year old.  Sellinger is 5 feet 9 and a half inches tall and weighs 175, which to some is rather small for a goalie but this is where he is outstanding.  To prove that Sellinger is a great goalie, he was chose All-American Goalie last year when he played for Michigan State.  Some of the sports writers have described Joe as a "flashy netminder."  Joe says his biggest thrill in hockey came as he played in the Canada Memorial Cup finals and the N.C. A.A. finals.  When asked about his most unusual hockey experience, he described the game against the Russians when they played in Detroit.  Joe is majoring in Forestry and hopes some day to work for the US Forest Service here in Colorado.  While Murray Armstrong, Denver University coach, was coaching the Regina Pats, Joe was there also tending goal.  Bob May in commenting about Sellinger said, "I feel a lot better about keeping our opponent's score down with Joe there to keep that puck out of the net.

William B. Steenson

William B. Steenson, the Maverick's All-American Defenseman, has been playing hockey half of his life.  Bill was born in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, and cut his teeth on hockey puck playing minor hockey there.  He is 24 years old and played junior hockey with the Moosejaw Canucks where he became famous for his rugged body checking.  Steenson was named All-American Defenseman while playing for the Sioux.  He has been named to the Denver Post's All-Western Intercollegiate League teams both as a sophomore and a junior before the loop disbanded last year.  While playing for Coach Bob May at the University of North Dakota, Steenson was placed on the All-American teams for the last two years.  The combination of Steenson as player and May as coach is again in force this year as Steenson takes to the ice for the Denver Mavericks.  Because of his ability and the caliber of his play, Steenson is one of the first players coach Bob May recruited to play for the Mavericks.

Bill Mackenzie

Bill Mackenzie is 24 years old, was born in Pennant, Saskatchewan, but now calls Calgary home.  Mackenzie is 6 feet tall and weights 175 pounds and is exceptionally fast on the ice.  He played four years for Michigan State and was a standout hockey player for the college.  As a forward he is very fast and keeps his opponents off balance with his lightning-like charges into enemy territory with the puck.  Goalies have respect for Bill because of his excellent shooting and good eye.  Mackenzie is not easily ridden off as his opponents have discovered and is described as a rugged player.

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