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The Maroons and Whites 1901

   Hockey is all the rage in Leadville.  It is congenial ground for the great English game, as every man, woman and child in the Cloud City knows how to skate. : Leadville's Hockey club is composed of twenty-seven members, and they are up on the sport, and are ready to meet all comers.
   From the club, two teams have been picked, the Whites and the Maroons.  The best skaters are in these clubs and the second best are held for substitutes.  There is a sharp rivalry between the two teams, which keeps both up to a high standard.
   The Hockey club is negotiating for match games between a picked team from both clubs and the Denver Wheel club, the Denver University and the Colorado College teams.
   The Whites are composed of the following players:  Harvey, Armstrong, Gillis, Lewis, Follett, Turner, Johnson and Sullivan; while the Maroon players are Moore, Riggs, Leonard, Richmond, Keith, Cummings, Kinsley and McIntosh.  The team winning the larger number of games this winter will be awarded a handsome silver and gold cup offered by Messrs. Gillis and Parker.
   Last year the two teams played eighteen games.  Out of this number, the Whites won thirteen.  The Maroons won three, and two games resulted in a draw.  The hockey season will last until April.  During that time, the rival teams of Leadville will meet in a match game for the cup every Monday and Thursday nights, beginning with Monday, December 30.
----From the Denver Times December 24, 1901
Sorry, I couldn't find who won the cup that year or who won that Monday game.